Active Projects

Mangas/Manhwas we have already released, either alone or with the help of another group. 
Chou Osuteki Darling by FUJISAKI, Mao
: Sequel. A rom-com about a female college student and her younger boyfriend. Smutty! :
Crown by WADA, Shinji & HIGURI, You
: A lost heiress with a 'magical' jewel is protected by her older brother and his friend. They're soon joined by an assassin and cross-dresser. Together, they must face attempted murders, more assassins, and betrayals.   
Kindan no Scenario by BROWNING, Amanda & KOBAYASHI, Hiromi
: A woman coerced into acting in a based-on-a-true-story movie by her rich, older lover. The young director of the film had no choice but to let her play the role of the heroine. :
Perfect Rose by OOUCHI, Natsumi
: Old-fashioned girl has become the target of four popular boys from the school next door to transform into a modern-day Japanese girl. :
Queen of Ragtonia by SHIOMI, Chika
: A princess without a kingdom, legs and an eye meets a gentle giant who is able to wield a powerful sword. Together they set out to find the Necromancer who took everything from the princess. :
Rakuen Route by TSUKIMIYA, An
: An angel fell from heaven and lost her feathers. She now has to get it back in order to re-enter heaven with the help of two boys. :
Renjou Sparkle by SENA, Masaya 
Tomoe ga Yuku by TAMURA, Yumi
: A similar story to Romeo-Juliet but instead of a young, naive girl we've got a roller-skater badass female. :
Winter Roses by PALMER, Diana & NAKAYAMA, Sara
: A young woman is in love with her best friend's older brother, who has an interest in her. Sparks and denial of feelings ensues. :


Bichunmoo by KIM, Hyerin [[  with Misty Rain Scans  ]]
Cheon Gwan Nyeo by BAK, Yunhu & JO, Minhyeon [[  with Summer Rain Scans  ]]
Chun Hyang Bi Hwa by NA, Hyo Eun [[  with Friendship Scans  ]]
Dangerous Share by SUMIZOME, Ren & KOSUMI, Fujiko [[  with LOL Scans  ]]
Eniro Cinderella by FUYUMORI, Yukiko [[  with Huffly Parfait  ]]
Hana Yan by SAZANAMI, Raika [[  with Huffly Parfait  ]]
Hush by YUN, Ji Woo [[  with Misty Rain Scans  ]]
Kanashi no Homura by MOTOMURA, ERI [[  with Artificial Demons  ]]
Kashura by YAMADA, Keiko [[  with Misty Rain Scans  ]]
Michibata no Tenshi by EMURA [[  with Friendship Scans  ]]
The Sexy Spy by YEON, Young-Hee & HWANG, Mi-Ri [[  with Summer Rain Scans  ]]

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