Releases #131-133: The Last of 2015, part 2

Hello, readers!

I hope that you've all enjoyed the releases we were able to make this year (still about two more left though). We're currently preparing for the arrival of 2016. That means a couple of things will be changing, especially concerning the forum and our projects. With that said, the forum will be down on December 27th until our first release for 2016 which will be sometime in January.

A really important news that you must know is the deletion of inactive accounts from 2012 thru 2014. If you're account was validated this year, you're fine. But if you're just the occasional lurker (no post, just straight to the download links), you're going to have to let me know you're there. Maybe give out a simple thanks for our staff's hard work.

Speaking of staff, we are desperately lacking in all positions. Aside from three translators and sometimes Runa & Solara, no one is editing chapters. I'm more focused on quality checking, though I do occasionally clean. We're all doing our best but we do have our own lives. Though I wish we can update more frequently per project, it's not doable when there are less than five staff members. So please, please join even if it's just for a short while!

Our last releases of the year:

☼ Happy Christmas Eve! This was supposed to be a partner to the one released on the 20th, but I didn't have time to qc it. So here's Eniro Cinderella volume 02 extra. With that, volume 02 is complete. By the way, we (us & Huffly Parfait) need Chinese translators for the last two chapters of volume 03.
☼ Our last update for Himegimi no Jouken was last year. Unbelievable. I will do my best to never have to go through the pain of waiting for too long again. Merry Christmas, everyone!
☼ How was your Christmas? It's early in the morning for me right now but I thought I'd go ahead and release Sexy Spy chapter 02 today since you all have been so kind. Thank Summer Rain for helping make this possible.

4 thoughts:

  1. Do you know how I can be fully registered to see releases? I'm dying to read eniro Cinderella chapter 7 ;)

    1. Yeah. Just create an account, reply to the "New Members" thread, and I'll validate your account so you can get access to the release links.

  2. I couldn't seem to reply to the new members thread by I just created an acct linhkn :)



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