Release #115-117: (Sorta) Functioning

Holy cannoli! It's been like three (or is it four? The new year confuses me!) months since we last released. Oops. Would you like to hear our uhhh excuse-slash-reason? No? Okay well the biggest one that I could think of is because I disappeared. [[ducks behind mountains of unfinished workload]] The second biggest one would be 'cause Solara and I haven't been in contact since a long time last year. I pretty much can't function without her. She keeps me in line and makes sure I don't vanish.

I'm releasing one chapter -- which is really better than nothing, so you're welcome and at the same time I'm sorry -- I've had for quite some time that's thanks to Solara.

Crown, Chapter 05a - I seriously forgot I had this and that I've already qc'ed it. [[slaps forehead]]
Tomoe ga Yuku, Chapter 07 - Is it weird that I'm still rooting for Kazusa x Tomoe?
Genyou no Meiza, Chapter 04 - Thank goodness I had the Jap raws! And make sure to thank Artificial Demons for patiently waiting for my mia self.

I don't know when and what the next release will be. I do know there's a couple chapters that just needs me. At this point I'm just gonna skim over it and find the easiest ones.

Password Hint: something that has to do with Britney Spears ; it's a title from one of her songs ; lowercase ; no spaces // Italian word ; "nice to meet you" ; or "pleasure"

((updated on: Friday, March 13th 8:30pm))

2 thoughts:

  1. Thanks for subbing Tomoe! i'm waiting for more chapters before starting but i'm glad another manga by Yumi tamura is getting translated!

  2. Thank you so much for translating Himegimi no Jouken and Ragtonia!! Those are some of my favorite mangas right now! :)



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