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This list has the names of the current helpers here at Transient Mirage. They are the force and drive behind our scanlation group because it's thanks to them we have projects and chapters that are released. Be sure to show your appreciation and gratitude towards them whenever they're in sight and give them a back massage or two when a project has been updated. They deserve it!!

Lady Nyx 
Runa (Semi-Active)
Jay (Semi-Active)
Image Cleaners & Letterers
Ms Doodles
Rui Snow

Unending thanks to those who have previously helped us whether by staying for one chapter or becoming our family for a few months. We were very sorry to see you go, but hope that someday soon you'll find your way back to us (let's face it, a scan group ALWAYS needs help).

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☀ Welcome to 2016! Let's all continue to work hard this year too! We hope to bring even more releases than last year. Let's do our best!

☀ We are recruiting editors & translators. Seriously, we need them so if you're free please contact us!

Need Translators For: Crown, Eniro Cinderella, Perfect Rose, Rakuen Route, & Renjou Sparkle.

Urgently Need Editors For ALL Projects