Release #119-121: Rising from the ashes

I'm going to pretend that those floating lights are your pleading messages for us to return on this side of the net. And alas! It has reached us! No, really I was just hoping that someone (some, maybe even a lot, of people) missed us terribly. Now we have returned. Or at least I have. Haven't been in contact with the other staff members...but hopefully they'll return one by one. If they don't then I guess I'm in this by myself. Yikes! :;(∩´﹏`∩);:

Slowly, I'm trying to revive us. For the next couple of days I'll be dusting cobwebs, trapping rats, mopping, sending out a return signal to the others, and diving through piles of work to see which ones I can easily release to you. Bare with me. If you have some free time do join us! We need translators and editors of all kinds. So please email or leave a comment below. I can't do this by myself... ヽ༼☯﹏☯༽ノ

For our release this month we've got:

☼ Harlequin-fans, you are going to love me because... Kindan no Scenario chapter 1b (02) is out. Confession: I didn't read the first chapter, so I was a little lost but I do know Max deserves to be kicked on his most sensitive area.

☼ Unfortunately, we don't have HQ raws for Hana Spy but here's chapter 01 anyway! I'll scour the interwebz for a better one or maybe some samaritan would be willing to provide us one...hopefully.

☼ New Harlequin titled Winter Roses! I'll try to release this fast since translations are complete, and I think editing too. Beware: naive, inexperience main character and victim-blaming love interest. Not cool Stuart. 

Password Hints: a) How many muscles does your mouth use to speak? b) What are three of the strongest muscles in your body? c) Lowercase d) Answer to A is at the end e) The letter "w" is near A's answer

Happy Reading!

P.S If any mistakes were spotted such as missing pages or translations, let me know immediately! 
For grammar/spelling/punctuation/etc mistakes tell me as well but I probably won't re-upload the file(s). 

6 thoughts:

  1. Hello, May I know where is the password hints of the Kindan no Scenario??? I think Password Hints: a) Which movie is the gif above from? b) lowercase is only for Hana Spy; I hope there have someone to help me. thanks

    1. Yep those hints are only for Hana Spy because I've already revealed the password for Kindan no Scenario on our Twitter account.

    2. Thanks for your hard work, I have got your password from your twitter. Have a nice day

  2. Thanks so much for the new releases!!!

    but so sad.. none of the combos i found online seem to work for Winter Roses :(.. guess i will have to wait for the pw to be revealed *sniffs*

    1. You're welcome! How about another hint? F) One of the answers for hint B is "eye"

    2. thanks!! finally got it after many more tries!!

      no wonder i couldn't get it.. didn't even consider eye... kept seeing other parts online.. and then that got me thinking if the 3rd word i thought was wrong too... turns out it wasnt the right word either -_-,,,, but finally got it!



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