Complete Projects

These are the projects we have already finished. Thank you everyone for their hard work! It may have taken us a couple of months or a year, but we've succeeded. There's nothing like feeling accomplished after working very hard. (◡‿◡✿)

Gozen Reiji ni Kuchizoku o by Tokiyama Hajime
Genyou no Meiza by Hasumi Toui
Ikoku no Doctor by Spencer Catherine
Kabe no Hana: Hishoyaka na Shoka no Yoru no by Kleypas Lisa
Koisuru Herb Shohousen by Washio Mei
Kaikan Styling by Misaki Sakuya
Marry Max by Tateno Makoto
Midnight Children by Shinjo Mayu
Mister X o Sagase by Miranda Lee
Otome, Sakazu ni Chiru na Kare by Washio Mie
Sore wa Kiss de Hajimatta by Mary Lyons
(Oneshot) The Rose Princess's Awakening by Ishihara Keiko
Ubatte Agemasu by Saijou Ayano
Orurerian no Kishi-hime by Koudoku Rin
Watashi no + Okusuri by Takamiya Satoru

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☀ Welcome to 2016! Let's all continue to work hard this year too! We hope to bring even more releases than last year. Let's do our best!

☀ We are recruiting editors & translators. Seriously, we need them so if you're free please contact us!

Need Translators For: Crown, Eniro Cinderella, Perfect Rose, Rakuen Route, & Renjou Sparkle.

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