Release #124-125: Gobble, Gobble

Happy (belated by a few of hours) Thanksgiving! /insert turkey somewhere in the gif/ I was going to release ages ago but I got lazy and, on the day of Thanksgiving, I was out of my house all day. But now you guys have something to read while your poor, full stomach digests. I don't know about how you celebrate (if you did or didn't) but I ate more than I needed to. Definitely going to need to exercise until the new year. 

Before we get to the release, I'd like to warn you that there will be changes in the forum. You know to  welcome 2016. So next month, the forum will be in maintenance mode for a couple of days to two weeks (I work slowly but surely). It will affect you, the readers, but more info on soon.

☼ One of my favorite projects is finally being updated. Say hello to Darian as Queen of Ragtonia chapter 10 is released! 

☼ Sorry for the low-quality we're presenting Sexy Spy chapter 02 to you guys. Found the raws online and can't seem to find any better ones. If you, or someone you know, has HQ scans for this project, please, please contact us! 

Password Hint for Sexy Spy: a) What two cities were linked by the Orient Express? b) How many bones are there in a giraffe's neck?

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