Release #126-130: The Last of 2015

That is how I wish to spend Christmas. Unfortunately, there will, most likely, with a 90% chance, of no snow angels, no ice skating, and no snuggling happening on the 25th. But I will be home, and you can bet that a tub of cookie dough will find it's way into my stomach. And some other dessert treats. 

For 2016, please consider joining our dear group as we are extremely lacking in the editorial and translation department. Seriously. We need you guys. I can't do everything or I will end up overworking myself and vanishing into the night. Then where will your precious projects be? Not completely scanlated, that's what! 

Enough begging/theatrics. I've got something good for you -- a little incentive for you to join, if you will. 

Winter Roses, part B was supposed to be released yesterday but I forgot. The first half is HQ, the second MQ. I don't know how that happened but the next chapter will also be MQ/LQ.
☼ I'm still in recovery mode but I'm glad to present Kindan no Scenario, part C.
☼ Here, have a surprise joint project with Artificial Demons! They were such a huge help on FINALLY releasing Kanashi no Homura. Be sure to thank them.
☼ Here's the fourth part of Kindan no Scenario. I was planning on releasing Winter Roses, but ran into an issue. So this is better than not having a release.
☼ Another joint! But this time it's an old project & with Huffly Parfait. Eniro Cinderella chapter 08 is here. I was going to release the extra but I didn't have time today. Maybe tomorrow...
☼ This was last released on September, so I'm really happy that we can release Han Yan, chapter 02 now. Luckily for us, Lethalene, our retired editor extraordinaire, gave us HQ scans! So no more too small pages starting next chapter. You guys have no idea how grateful I am because qcing this project made my head hurt...

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  1. Do you guys still need help? I lend a hand if you guys are still in need.



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