Release #122-123: Knock, Knock, It's November

Two months ago, I was thinking a "No-Post November" so we could take a little breather and quietly work on a Christmas release (which reminds, is anyone doing "No-Shave November" this year?). But then October rolled around and have peacefully passed by with no release from us. Naturally, we gotta start whipping out chapters this month. Which is why I'm thinking that we release at least ten chapters because we do have a lot of projects not getting enough love/attention. 

It's just that having practically no staff to help edit is a huge problem. So if you're interested in helping us out, even for just one project or for just this month, then please contact us! Editors and Japanese-English & Chinese-English translators come join!!

Now onto releases:

 If you follow us on Twitter, you'd know I was working on a super neglected project (yikes!). Smut-lovers rejoice because Eniro Cinderella chapter 07 has finally come. I still don't like the main characters but I found it buried while I was scavenging.
☼ A new project titled Dangerous Share! We're releasing chapter 03. We've actually had this in our upcoming list for awhile, having a very awesome translator who has translated the entire thing (super thanks Rootbeer!). 

Password Hint for Dangerous Share: a) Who is the author of Dangerous Share? b) Who is the artist?

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