Release #118 - Kiss me, I'm Irish...maybe?

Happy St. Patrick's Day to those who celebrate it. It's night time where I'm at, so I think most of the people around my area are drinking and dancing and all that. Personally, I don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day. But aren't those two green pokemon just adorable? I couldn't resist not putting them in today's release. Heheh. 

Genyou no Meizu, Chapter 05 - This is the last chapter. Please thank Artificial Demons for their handwork. I'm a little sad that this project is over because I wanted to read more about Kasuga and her bishie demons...oh well. 

If you've enjoyed reading Genyou no Meizu, please support the author, Hasumi Toui, by purchasing the series (it's only one volume, folks!) when it becomes available in your country. You may also purchase it online.

Password Hint: French word; feminine form ; has something to do with St. Patrick's Day ; one word ; found in post

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